Is Your Phone Making You Happier Mentally and Emotionally?

Is Your Phone Making You Happier Mentally and Emotionally?

When was the last time you checked your phone?

And the time before that?

And before that?

If you are anything like most people, you know it was only moments or at best minutes.

Depending on the study done, the average number of times a person checks their phone can range from about 80 to 96 times a day. That’s an average so that of course means some times it’s less, but it also means some times it is more! One study I read found 66% of North Americans checked their phone 160 times a day!

That’s a lot of time no matter how you look at it or which study you read.

The question I’m more interested in is whether or not this is a healthy pattern? I mean our cell phones help us do lots of things including staying connected (text, phone, emails, FB etc) which is a good thing, especially right now!

If you are like many of my clients who almost always tell me at the start of our working together they ‘just don’t have time’ to do the things that they’s some time you can easily grab back!

I urge you to check in with yourself around your phone use. Is it supporting you or a crutch? Does it end up hurting you? I know many a client who found themselves far happier, with more energy when they limited the time they checked their phones, especially after work.

Beyond the physical pain of bending the neck or hunching over, have you ever heard a notification beep or buzz and got a pit in your stomach? Or a feeling of dread when you see the number of emails you have waiting? Those are things you can DO something about and really, you should. Your body is physically telling you something is wrong emotionally and mentally. Listen.

If you consider your phone an essential tool, then be sure to treat it like a tool and not as a master. (said with love)

big hugs,


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