When Complaining is Draining

When Complaining is Draining

Have you noticed this less than ideal ‘trend’?  I get it. There is a lot we can complain about right now. Honestly, 2020 is giving us some major growth opportunities. I know it doesn’t feel great right now, but man…imagine the resilience and strength that we are building up!

Still, complaining constantly is not healthy or a habit you want to get into and establish as the way you live your life!

Am I right?

And yet, I’m noticing more and more wonderful people getting stuck in a loop of complaining. It’s time to be raising our awareness of how much we are in this mode.

I sure caught myself in a few loops lately. It’s easy to get sucked into them especially if others are in them too. Check out the podcast for more on how to handle it if you get stuck there.


Getting unstuck, empowering yourself and creating a life that you absolutely love is 100% possible and it always starts with raising your awareness and cutting through your own BS.

That doesn’t mean life won’t throw you some crap once in a while. It will. Those can be opportunities for growth and getting stronger and even more awesome than you already are with the right mindset. 

However, constant complaining is wasted energy and taking you down a path that won’t lead you where you want to go. It might get you some initial attention and love, but not for long.

Instead, look for the opportunities that are hidden in the mess.

big love,


p.s. If you’re looking for the MindSet Makeover I mentioned you can find it either in the menu up top or by just clicking here.


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