How Do People Pleasers Say No?

How Do People Pleasers Say No?

So how do ‘people pleasers’ say no?  Well as someone who knows very well she is a recovering (and still very much working at it) people pleaser, I can tell you simply…we don’t.

Full stop.

It doesn’t happen.

Now we quite often MEAN to say no, we just do it in such a round-about, don’t want to upset any apple carts or make anyone unhappy way…that it sounds, at best, like a ‘maybe’.

And we are lying. To ourselves and to the people we whose emotions we are trying to manage. And that, my sweet one, isn’t good for anyone,.

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Saying no doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. You CAN strengthen that muscle if you just shift how you look at it. Who’s ‘no’ a gift to? Hint…everyone! 

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