Upcoming Circles

Upcoming Circles

When women gather, there is collective power to heal, find our voice, rise up and make a difference.

In Circle, we create safe space for you to let go and come within. For you to find the seeds of your desires and plant them firmly in the ground.

Come to circle and experience:

✨ MEDITATION to quiet your mind, drop into presence and awaken your inner guidance.

✨ MOVEMENT to awaken your senses and deepen your connection to your body’s knowing.

✨ INTIMATE SHARING to connect with your Sisters, to ignite the magic that happens when Women gather.

✨ RITUAL to bring energy and intention to begin creating a life that lights you up.

Being in Circle with other Women allows us to develop an intimacy, with ourselves and life, that will bring with it the gifts of confidence, courage, authenticity, voice and connection.

Upcoming Circles

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June 5

10:00 AM

Self Love Circle

Dig into the meaning and joy of self love. After all, just giving to yourself the time to BE in circle is an act of self care and self love!

For more info or to register please fill out the contact info below, mentioning what date/circle you’d like to join.