Here’s Why You Should Stop Looking For Life Lessons

Here’s Why You Should Stop Looking For Life Lessons

Life lessons. Have you ever been told that the crappy stuff that just fell in your lap is the universe, or life or god teaching you the lessons you need in life?

Honestly, I used to adhere to that line of thinking too. It makes some sense because I do think there are things we are here to figure out.

Still, sometimes shit just happens. No lesson, no cosmic reason…just a roll of the dice. So what’s the point of that then?

As humans, we are wired to try to make sense of things. So, if these are not ‘life lessons’ what are they?

I answer that and a little more in the new podcast episode you can find on Spotify (hey follow me there so you get all the new episodes!) which is my preferred method of podcasts because I can download and listen offline when I’m doing things like grocery shopping or waiting in line.

No Spotify? I got you! Anchor is free to listen or you can check out the list of other places to find and follow my podcast.

Or you just play it right here my friend!

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