Who I Am

Who I Am

Are you someone who, even though you have a good measure of success, you sometimes feels like you don’t quite belong in your own life?

Perhaps deep down you are afraid of truly opening up, being vulnerable and being fully yourself?

Does your soul whisper to you that this can’t be all there is?

Are you ready to say goodbye to the pain of the past, let go of old stories and release yourself from the expectations of others so that you can Thrive and Shine?

Together, we can heal the relationship you have with your Self.

We can learn to be truly present to actually experience the miracles the world has to offer; to live purposefully, passionately and with clarity and joy.

If you want to be comfortable in your own skin, understand balance, self-care, self-worth and begin to own the life your leading and be satisfied with whomever you choose to be, then let’s talk.




Bonnie is a certified Life and Leadership Coach with a BA, B’Ed, Certificates in CBT, Mindful Teaching, Mindfulness, Personal Nutrition, and Photography.  She lives with a cat named Simon who rules the house! Bonnie loves to write and talk, and after traversing her own dark nights of the soul is clear that her mission in this life is to swing that pendulum back around to a place where self-care is expected and rewarded and burn out is a thing of the past.