Are you the type to give, give, give until you’ve got nothing left, and then still try to give more so other people will approve of you?
I was for years. It was ingrained deeply in my belief system that if I didn’t do enough and do it ‘right’ (whatever that means) I wasn’t approved of and it wasn’t going to be a good time for me.
This carried on, I was trying to somehow be, do, and give enough.
And it never was. I never could be.
You know why? Because those people in my life attracted to that faulty thinking are never satisfied. It’s a terrible loop.
I was exhausted being used to prop up someone else’s happiness while my needs went completely unmet (even by ME!).
These days I know my boundaries and worth. I worked really hard to sort my own values out and decide what I was willing to tolerate and what I was not. 
Trust me, those things go together like peanut butter and jelly! Boundaries grow from your values and worth, but keeping them also feeds them and shores them up. I’m not perfect by any means, but I recognize when I’m catching fire and will take time to pay out the flames and walk away.
Where are you in this journey?
Big love
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