Welcome to Brighten Your Life

Welcome to Brighten Your Life

Are you living a life that you love [MM_Member_Data name=”]?

Do you want to wake up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead?

Would you like to take action to revitalize your life?

If you answered YES! Then you are in the right place. Over the next 90 days you’ll get access to all sort of group coaching, tools and of course the Facebook Group to help you shine a little brighter!

Be sure to click here and join the private Facebook community okay?  We want to see you there!

The First Month!

The first month is all about getting clarity, taking stock of where you are right now and starting to take personal responsibility for brightening up your own life.

I suggest you grab a binder or notebook to keep your thoughts and notes altogether. Some of the work will build on previous weeks and starting off organized is always a nice benefit.

There are printable tools for you, however you can always simply download them and write the answers in your notebook if you are unable or don’t wish to print them. Most of them are tools you can use again and again and will be quite useful to you even after the program is finished.

Are you ready?


Week One!

Enjoy this first video leading you through the wheel of life exercise. Be sure to down load the tool so you can follow along and create your own results and gain some clarity about where you are – right away!


Wheel of Life Tool



Remember when you are done the exercise to post what key area you will be working on and what action you are committed to taking right away. Let’s support and celebrate each other!

Big love,



Week 2

This week we are still looking for clarity and focus. These two things are very important keys to any self empowerment and personal growth.  With them we start to see ourselves move forward more quickly and are able to stay motivated. Without them, we flounder and wander and get no where fast.


The coaching tool this week will help you figure out and set your goals for the next three months while working in and through this program. Be sure to share in the Facebook group what it is you’ll be working on and your action steps so we can not only hold you accountable, but more importantly support and celebrate you!

Coaching Goals Worksheet  

Take your time with this one, and don’t forget you can look back at your week one “Wheel” activity to help you see where your focus lies right now.

Big love,