My ah-ha moment -Boundaries!

My ah-ha moment -Boundaries!

Before working with Bonnie, I had a list of goals that I was working on (for many years!).  I wanted to be more comfortable in my own skin and not worry about what others thought of me.  I wanted to be true to myself, find joy and serenity. Cognitively I knew what to do and yet I couldn’t meet my goals.  I was frozen.

I spent a lot of time ruminating about why I wasn’t meeting any of my goals.  I was frustrated as I tried to work through issues. I worried about what people would think, I didn’t want to hurt people’s feeling, my boundaries were not respected and I was afraid of change.  One of the first conversations that I vividly remember was telling Bonnie that my boundaries weren’t respected. Bonnie listened carefully, and gently asked some questions then stated that I had wishes not boundaries.  This was the start of discovering who I was and what I wanted.

My ah-ha moment -Boundaries

I have worked with Bonnie for almost a year.  She taught me to listen and pay attention to the messages I was giving myself.  Bonnie gently guided me into taking responsibility/ownership of what I wanted and broke down the steps which made it easier to build boundaries and follow through that they were met.

Bonnie taught me to shift my narrative and that my procrastination was a form of self-care and to deal with one stressor at a time. I am using strategies that Bonnie taught and now give myself permission to make different choices and believe in myself.  My ah-ha moment came when I was writing in my journal. I had two columns; what was holding me back and what I was grateful for. This taught me that taking another path doesn’t have to be fear provoking; it’s just a worry of the unknown and these worries/stresses can be dealt with one at a time.  Working with Bonnie is an interesting, wonderful and empowering process. She is very intuitive!

I whole-heartedly would recommend Bonnie as a Mindset Coach.  She is a great listener, very patient, empathetic, compassionate, insightful and professional.  There is no judgement! Through our wonderful conversations which included many lessons and tough questions she has inspired me to go forward on my journey and to be true to myself.  Bonnie is a great motivator!

Thank you, Bonnie.

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