2 Easy Self Care Choices

2 Easy Self Care Choices

You know how coaches and teachers ask that fun question “if I had a magic wand right here to change everything for you…what would it look like?”

I LOVE that question. It brings into our awareness what it is we REALLY want. One swipe of the magic wand is all your getting, so make it count right?!

The problem comes when we get overwhelmed by the enormity of the whole thing. Generally, it’s a LOT of changes all at once. It’s too much and it’s not sustainable to try to upend our entire lives like that.

What happens is, we feel super pumped and inspired at first. Maybe from a workshop, a talk, a webinar or even a coaching session. We have grand plans, a goal and even, possibly, the ways to get there.

Then we fizzle.

And we end up back in exactly the same place we were before we got all fired up.

And then we beat ourselves up and too many of us also give up.

That sucks. I hate seeing people get so overwhelmed and exhausted by trying to make their life BETTER. It’s supposed to be getting better after all.

So here’s the no-so-great news sweet ones. It’s simply not possible for most people to change their entire lives in a short time and certainly not all at once. It won’t work.

There I said it. I’m sure that riled up a few gurus and maybe even a few of you.

That’s OK.

I have the solution to this problem and some good news!

So you can’t up and change everything and keep it going? You’ll slide back to old habits? What are we supposed to DO then?

Well, what you CAN do is work on shifting just one or two things.

That’s it.

Just slow your roll lovelies.

Pick one or two areas of your life and work on that. For example, work on getting much better, really restful sleep. Or perhaps work on eating a solid, nutritious breakfast every single day. Or work on building an emergency savings account, or clearing out your spare bedroom (*ahem storage?)

Pick one or two. No more.

That’s all.

Nothing else.

Your focus is now small enough that you actually stay inspired. Little successes build the big ones into real, true changes. Old habits get replaces and fade away. Then pick another area and keep going.

It’s not fast no, but it’s real. And it really is the only way to up level your life.

Now, the bonus good news I promised.

Those little changes actually create ripple effects in the rest of your life. There is a saying that goes ‘a rising tide lifts all ships’ and this is true here too. A perfect example is getting good rest. Your mood, productivity, self care, self love, kindness to other, patience, imagination, health, energy…and more? All improved.

What’s that going to translate into for you in the bigger picture?

You feel how that works? Isn’t that some damn great news?

Now don’t worry about those ripples. They come naturally, they can’t help it. They can take care of themselves. Just focus on the one or two areas you choose and keep going.

So, what one or two areas of your life are you going to set a goal for and commit to? Let me know in the comments below and speak them out into the world!

Big love, warm hugs


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