Purpose and Passion

Purpose and Passion

It often takes something BIG to shake up our world and make us realize we have so much more to offer and so much more we want to do.

I enjoy referring to this as being ‘shaken awake’. It really is like suddenly being made aware that you were dozing off this whole time.

Seriously, so many people just living life on automatic, dis-engaged from themselves and from the world as a whole. But something usually comes around and starts waking them up! A book they read, a speaker they listen to, Oprah, a TED talk, a friend who is awakened…who knows where it may start from.

And then the searching begins. “What is MY purpose?”

I want to share two things I’ve figured out over the years that are really important here.

First, you are ALWAYS working from your purpose. It’s a part of you, your nature, your personality, and your choices. The problem is we often work in circles, or end up spinning our wheels and digging deep in place because we let fear get in the way.

You’ll know it when you’re in it, because you FEEL it. When you’re deeply in it, you lose track of time, feel energized and excited about life. Follow that!

Too many of us are looking up at the mountain and we can’t see whats at the top. Heck sometimes we can’t see what’s just beyond the next tree and that keeps us right where we are.

Courage is needed to have a well-lived life. Courage is walking through the door without knowing exactly what is on the other side. Courage needs faith in our own abilities to handle whatever is waiting for us.

The second thing I know is if you don’t listen to that inner guidance the universe will try to shout louder and louder. I think we all get the nudges and whispers at first, but eventually the universe (or however you prefer to call) tries harder to get us to pay attention.

Eventually, it responds with what I love calling a ‘cosmic 2X4’! I’ve seen it happen so many times I have lost count. My clients, friends and even myself…we look back and let out that long, knowing ‘oooohhhh!’ and realize that the signs WERE there. We just weren’t paying attention or pushing them aside because of ‘reasons’.

Trust me, if you have not had your version of a cosmic 2X4 (mine was a really bad car accident) you best start listening to that inner guidance! And why wouldn’t you? It’s there to guide you to your passion, you’re purpose and help you create your BEST and most fulfilling life!

My biggest point? You do not have to wait for that big shake up! Start having a little faith in that quiet voice that is leading you to all you desire!

big love, warm hugs,

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