Do you Procrastinate? Here’s Why! (video included!)

Do you Procrastinate? Here’s Why! (video included!)

Do you procrastinate and then end up beating yourself and wondering just WHAT is wrong with you? Well my friend, you are not alone.

In fact, you might find this clubhouse kind of crowded!

Quite often we hear it’s a lack of motivation or inspiration or meditation or eating the right sort of …whatever. We get a lot of mumbo-jumbo stuff that actually ends up just being ANOTHER thing on our to-do list that we never get around to doing.

Well I don’t agree. In fact I think procrastination is another form of self care in an odd sort of way. It comes from a subconscious that is SO overwhelmed with all it has to deal with ‘right now’ it just cannot spare any more energy or bandwidth for one more thing. EVEN if that thing is something we know is good for us.

Listen to the short video below for more on this and then leave me a comment about what comes up for you around this idea.

big hugs, Bonnie

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