How to Handle Feeling Overwhelmed By Heavy Emotions

How to Handle Feeling Overwhelmed By Heavy Emotions

I see you.

So many people have been commenting and talking about feeling extra emotional, heavy, overwhelmed and tired right now. Are you feeling this too?

You can help your self manage these times and in this video I share are a few ways how to help change and release those emotions.There is a lot of anxiety, grief and pain in the world right now that is front and center. You are not helpless, nor alone.

In this video I’m also teaching you a beautiful mediation that ANYONE can do ANYTIME to raise their own energy and vibrations and the world around them. In order to begin to see the opportunities to change things and shift we need to sometimes be an active participant in our own healing.

It can feel like hard work and even beyond our capabilities sometimes to manage these big, heavy emotions, but this visualization isn’t. It’s simple and can be done anywhere and pretty much at any time. I love doing this first thing in the morning to start my day off in the right head and heart space.

Start with what you CAN do and other things will show up for you.

Big hugs


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