Year 11, Justice and You

Year 11, Justice and You

2018 is a Year 11 in numerology (2+0+1+8 = 11).  It brings with it some interesting energy and connections.

In the video below, bring to you some through provoking insights that you can journal/reflect on that might help you step into your brilliance and your truth for this brand spanking New Year.

Actually, this decision-making reflection that is being inspired by the master number 11, the tarot card justice and the energy of the cycle we are in is one we really ought to get into the habit of doing anyway.

Far too often we are just motoring along not thinking about how much of our lives we CREATE by the decisions we make every moment of every day.  We also neglect to realize the impact that being more purposeful and thoughtful about our choices and decision can make in creating the life we want.

It’s time we started to speak our truth, especially to ourselves.

Have a listen, and then leave me a comment below.


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