A Word On Enough-ness

A Word On Enough-ness

Beautiful Soul, this is your friendly reminder that You Are Enough.

Too often we push and pull at our Selves, til we hardly recognize who we really are in this world because we’re trying so desperately to fit into it.

Desperate to BE enough, when the truth it our enough-ness is already Truth.

You are NOT responsible for anyone else. You are not them. They are not you. And yet, we are all innately connected. But only you are responsible for you. For how you feel, act, speak, do, be and what you choose to believe.


                                            You are not a fixer-upper, broken or less-than.


You never have been and never will be.

You are a spark of a vast universe ready to hold you as you reveal your true face. An echo of a divinity you may have forgotten but your soul has not.  Treat yourself as such.

You think you are not enough? How insane is that when you look at all that you do and all you have been? The roles you play (student, son, mother, wife, entrepreneur, writer, graduate, employee, friend, lover, Truth-seeker and so much more).  You are all things to some extent and yet you continue to grow.

Think on the accomplishments so far and the dreams you have to go even further. Does this hold for you? Even without any of that the truth is…
You are.
THAT is enough.

You are exactly what the world needs -as is.

No apologies.
No anger.
No toning it down.


Those who need your light will find you and those who are not ready to step in, will back up and fall away.

Let them.

It is not for you to decide or choose.

You can only choose to shine or not. To be you, or hide behind masks. Choose YOU.

Make your choice and then keep choosing you over and over again,

every single moment of every sin

gle day.

Keep Choosing YOU. Let that be enough.

Big love,


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