Why Successful People Seek Coaching

Why Successful People Seek Coaching

One of the things I often have to explain to people is that coaching is not therapy, mentoring or being your bestie who will love you, listen and tell you you’re wonderful, no matter what. (I will tell you the truth lovely, even if you don’t like it)

I have referred people to a therapist when I realized they are looking for help healing past trauma.  While coaching can provide inner healing, it’s not a replacement for the type of healing done in therapy.

So who’s it for?  It’s for those who are well.  Who are ready to transform some part of their life, excited to do the work, but who needs some support, clarity and accountability.

It’s for those ready to claim their purpose and abundance.

So I often have people who are seemingly quite successful seeking out coaching.  They are often a bit confused as to why they are doing it themselves. (Little disclaimer, when I say successful I don’t mean just with money or careers! Success comes in many flavors and types)

Think of it this way.  I can ride a bike.  I’ve been doing it since I was a little kid and I’m pretty good at it.  If I wanted to ride in a marathon, I could probably figure out a way to practice, find tips and tricks and get really good and participate in one.

If I wanted to WIN marathons, or races..I’m going to need to up my game big time and find a coach.

Get it?

You’re not going to find many coaches who train people for racing bikes looking to teach people how to balance and wobbly down the road right?

You see, life is like that.  When you’re dealing with trauma you need skills to help you learn to ride again. That’s not what coaching is about. It’s about taking a decent rider, and helping them up their game.

People who’ve found some success rarely stop there. They had a taste of empowerment, they’ve woken up and can see that life is malleable and possibilities are everywhere.  THAT is why they come to coaching.

They want to create the vision they have for their lives and make it reality. People who come to coaching want to shine brighter and brighter and that is why I call this Step Into Brilliance.  Just step in, it’s already yours!

Is this you?  You’ll know it when it is.

What often stops people from their own brilliance is fear.  Fear is a tricky bugger and that is where coaching comes in at it’s best, if you ask me. I used to think we needed to decimate fear! Destroy it and get going on our dreams.  I don’t think that anymore because fear is a part of us.  Instead I teach folks how to embrace and have gratitude for their fears.

When I was doing a lot of lunch and learns, I used to suggest to the group that if they hear themselves saying something like ‘this can’t be all there is to life’ or ‘someday when I ….’  then it might be time to find yourself a kick-ass coach.

The truth is, the most incredible clients I’ve ever had were the ones who came with a good deal of success under their belts at dealing with life already.  Many have been through some stuff that might make your own toes curl and they’ve come out the other end with eyes wide open.  They’ve often already embraced their inner light and are wondering just what is next.

Once you’ve been awakened, you can’t just go back to sleep. So you need to figure out this new reality. You need to figure out who you are, what you want and how to go get it and then how to manage the changes that come with it. They need support with ‘where do I go from here’.

I love manifesting with my clients!

When you’re feeling ready to start exploring I invite you to come join the private group on Facebook.

Meanwhile, remember…there is always room for growth and expansion.  You just keep on shining!

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