The Dirty Nasty ‘How’s’

The Dirty Nasty ‘How’s’

What’s a dream you have, one that you’re putting on hold? What are you waiting for? Could it be the ‘hows’?

THAT is exactly the last thing to sit and wait for.

Listen, goal setting 101 – write it out. What do you WANT? To finish a website? Write a blog? Lost 20 pounds? Build muscle? Learn a new language? Learn to practice forgiveness? Rise to the level of a god?

whew…oh wait…I may have gotten a bit excited there.

But seriously. This whole ‘work your passion’ does not happen by asking someone else, hitting up a psychic or palm reader, asking your dog (although your cat might have some insights) waiting on the right book, program or even – dare I say it – meditation.

No one else can tell you what your purpose or your passion is.  NO ONE.  If they tell you they can they are either missing something (like the point) or just full of crap and trying to help relieve you of your money.

Now don’t get me wrong. A GOOD coach or mentor can help you uncover things so you can figure it out.  But they can’t just up and tell you and you shouldn’t ask them to.  Every person on the planet comes with their own life experiences, bias, and agenda which help shape the context of what they will say to you.  It’s part of being human.  A well trained coach can rise above that to a good extent and even teach you some tricks and tools to help you out.  They can mirror your Self to you, but they cannot create if for you.

Only YOU can do that by waking up, paying attention and figuring it out. Certainly tools and sharing experiences, talking it out…this can be beneficial, even readings can help you out,  but you must have the discernment to decide how it resonates with you.  YOU have decide what feels right or not.

I bet by now you’re wondering just how the heck you’re supposed to do that right?  Well it’s simple. Not always easy…but when have I ever told you simple was going to mean easy?

You want the HOW?

You get the answers you want about purpose, by taking action with the answers you have today.  You start where you are and you follow your heart, instincts and emotional cues.

What FEELS like your purpose?  What fills you up and makes you energized for life? FOLLOW that. Do MORE of those things and develop your awareness of Self. This is inspiration talking to you.

Another word for inspiration? Whispers from the universe.  Source messages. Connection with your higher Self.

Write it down. Speak it out loud. THESE are the things have energetic magic that will kick start your intuition and connection with Source and guide you.
FOLLOW the inspiration that follows the action – THAT is your higher self speaking to you.  Source is leading you the way you need to go.

Don’t wait for how’s. Do something. Anything.  Maybe you won’t end up loving it or feeling it.  That’s great. Now you know to look in a new direction. Experience is information which, if you pay attention to it, will be exactly what you need.

If you sit and wait for everything to be perfectly in place and planned for, explained to you, organized, and saved up for…well, life is going to pass you by my brilliant one.

All the answers you need, you already have. You just need to listen and take the next right step.

Big love,


PS If you’re looking for a little motivation, inspiration and light…This might be your thing!

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