Why Motivation Is A Line of BS

Why Motivation Is A Line of BS

We’ve been fed a line, and we’ve taken the bait because it sounded delicious.


Truly, a bunch of crap and half-truths are floating around out there and these are keeping people from being honest and getting shit done.

So listen, if you ARE feeling motivated right now – hey get going! Have at it and enjoy!

For those of us ‘other’ folks who aren’t? Here’s the truth…your probably not going to get motivated anytime soon.

Well, at least you not going to ‘get motivated’ while sitting and waiting for it to happen on your couch.

That’s not how it works. (Why do I suddenly feel like I should start ducking at this point?)

Listen I get it! We’ve been told so many times that you have to be ‘in the vortex’ or ‘be in flow’ in order to access the best of your creative mind.  So, while I fully agree that it IS great to be in that space while getting those important things done – you’re going to be wasting an awful lot of time, energy and opportunity if you sit around hoping to accidentally fall into the space of creative vibrations.

Add to that, the FAR to many people who use this as an excuse to NOT do the things they know they should be doing and I’m more than ready to call it BS.  You know what I mean “well I’ll do it when I’m feeling in flow with it” or “I have to get in the mood first”. What a bunch of crap.

Motivation, as most of us wish is was, isn’t the reality.  It’s just not how it works.

You want to know how to get motivated? How to get stuff done? One word – Start.

That’s right.  Start.

Start when you don’t feel like it.

Start when you don’t feel ready.

Start when you feel uncertain.

Start when you are not ‘feeling’ it.

Just bloody START already.

If you don’t, and you hesitate, you know what you’re brain does?  It freaks out.  Your brain is wired to keep you safe and hesitation is a red flag that something is not good.

I mean, you don’t hesitate when you do lots of things right?  Like have a shower, turn on the TV, open up Facebook…right? So your brain is all “cool man, everything is all cool”.  Your brain could care less and you certainly don’t get worried you’re not good enough to have a shower, nor do you worry about rejection or looking foolish right while you watch TV.

But the moment you hesitate because you’re doing something that matters and is outside your little comfort zone? Oh your brain starts thinking it better tell you ALL the reasons you probably shouldn’t do the things. And the longer you think about it, the more able your brain is to come up with some really, really good reasons you ought to sit down and just turn on the TV instead of starting that blog post.

And a lot of the time…that’s exactly what we do.

But know this! You don’t lose your motivation. You never had it.

Motivation comes AFTER you take some action.  What you did do was ignore your higher self, your inspiration and that is a pretty sad thing. You ignored the part of you that is noticing opportunities for you to reach the goals you have for yourself.  And because you thought about it, your brain got all fired up, whispered the worries and the fears and then you gave in and didn’t even try.

So you want to feel motivated?

You need to get into action. ACTION!

You want to be in the vortex and raise your energetic vibrations?  ACTION.

If you want to FEEL like it…you guessed it.  ACTION.

So ya, this BS of waiting to feel it out, or get a burst of motivation…bunch of crap.

Next time you get an inspired thought to make a phone call, go for a run, read that book, heck write that book…don’t think about it. DO it.  Depending on the research you’ve got between 3 and 7 seconds to take that action before your brain starts to wiggle you out of it. Not to say you can’t still get things done, but our brains are really powerful and super adept at getting us to do what it thinks is best. It’s best not to give it an opportunity!

So please, stop waiting to feel it. Get up, do a small thing to get started because that small thing is going to catapult you into feeling the motivation to keep going.Get that?  Action creates motivation!

So, if you get inspired to go for a run, just agree to put your running shoes on! That’s it. Get that far and it’s almost a given you’ll keep on going. If it’s writing a book, just do the chapters outline…and you’ll find motivation flowing in for the next step.

Now it’s your turn. What do you really want to be doing?  What inspired thoughts have you had? And what is the small step you can take (preferably right now!) to get going? To call in Motivation?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Big love


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