What If Our Problems ARE What Make Us Happy?

What If Our Problems ARE What Make Us Happy?

Sometimes the problem is not the problem, only our interpretation of the problem is the problem.

Get it?

Ya, it’s a bit messy sounding and can lead down a pretty winding path of eye’s widening and exclaiming “ooooh!”

I’m not going to lie, that winding path goes deep.  Still, you don’t have to walk the whole thing today. Just get started, start thinking about things a little differently.

A great philosopher (whose name escapes me right now, but if you know please share!) once said something along the lines of ‘that being able to hold a thought without necessarily accepting it is a sign of great maturity and growth’.

So, I made this video to share MY thoughts with you. (hey, I like trying something new from time to time!) and as always you are free to accept or reject it, but the magic is in the thinking about it.

There are an awful lot of people feeling really dis-satisfied with life because they feel like they should not have as many problems as they do. There is this thinking that some people already have their life together – why don’t I? What’s WRONG with me?

There is an inherent problem with trying to create a life with no problems. It’s not possible. No one, and I mean NO one has a life with no problems. The only difference is the type of problem they have.

Watch the video and be sure to let me know what YOU think of these (slightly radical) ideas that we should not be looking for a life with no problems, but that problems, at the end of it all, are what make us happy.

big love,


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2 thoughts on “What If Our Problems ARE What Make Us Happy?

    1. lol As is said, if the Universe is talking it’s a good idea to listen. No one ever mentions suggesting a better time 🙂

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