Are you in the “it’s all crappy club”?

Are you in the “it’s all crappy club”?

Trust me, this is a real thing.  And it’s awesome because anyone can join in and many do! There is absolutely no requirements except a negative, pessimistic, whiny, attitude,   Mind you, with a dash of victim mentality you can really move up the ranks!

How do you know if you are in the ‘it’s all crappy’ club?  Check your mindset!

What lens are you viewing the world through? Listen to how you talk to others and to yourself.  Listen for things that sound like:

  • blame
  • victim thinking
  • poor-me parties
  • if only…then I could
  • I never…
  • fear and worry thoughts
  • justifying instead of taking responsibility
  • assuming others have an ‘agenda’
  • excuses, especially excuses masquerading as ‘reasons’
  • waiting for the ‘other shoe to drop’ when a good thing does happen

You get the picture?  People who believe that the world is harsh, hard and others are ruthless and out to get them find themselves here quite quickly.

Listen, occasionally we all have these thoughts, but when we tend to live here we find ourselves card-carrying members of the “it’s all crappy club”.  It becomes out mindset and the lens we view everything through.

Nothing feels good because we won’t let it.

Now, you know the Law of Attraction tells us that what we believe and what we think creates the life that we lead because we are attracting the opportunities that match those thoughts and vibrations.

So, even those with the simplest understanding of this can follow the idea that if you are looking for trouble you’re going to find it if you look long and hard enough.

SO, what are you really looking for? Trouble? People to let you down?  Or, the idea that people are step into brilliancegenerally good and helpful? That opportunities abound even when things look and feel shaky?

Really it’s almost entirely up to you.  Which one do you think FEELS better?  Which one do you think is going to get you the kind of life you really love to have?

You decide.  Go ahead. Choose. I invite you to claim your joy. It’s already yours after all.

So, in the comments, let me know are you or have you ever been a member of the ‘it’s all crappy’ club? And let me know that as of today you ARE going to pay attention to your mindset and reach out to claim your own joy. After all, you’re so worth it!

Big love,


2 thoughts on “Are you in the “it’s all crappy club”?

  1. Been there Bonnie. I’ve wallowed and whined and it was ok at the time but it was wasted time. It only enhanced my ‘it’s crappy’ lenses I was wearing. Healthier to be on the positivity train! I claim my own joy x

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