Forget About “How” Until You Do This

Forget About “How” Until You Do This

This is not easy to remember, but it’s super important to understand if you want to truly begin creating the kind of life you want.

Remember, you are always creating your life whether you do it from a place of fear, lack or joy and abundance.  Heck you are even creating your reality without intending to create anything at all.  Seems to me that it makes SO much more sense to start creating with purpose and intention so you start getting those things in life you want right?

This is where I usually hear (and used to always ask) okay…so HOW do I do that?

The answer is you don’t need to know how.  Forget about how okay?  The how issue is keeping you stuck.  We think there is a certain step, switch or meditation we can do that will somehow kick start everything and there isn’t.

It’s not about what you can DO.  It’s about how you FEEL.

Feeling good! Feeling GOOD is where the magic is.  When you are feeling good you are opening the doors to receiving those things you want.  Yes, they most likely will come as an opportunity and may even show up dressed as something else, but they do show up.

Did you get that?  You become open to receiving when you are vibrating higher…or feeling good.

When you’re feeling low, depressed, frustrated or even bored…you close the doors Feel GoodFirst!to receiving those things you desire and instead open the doors to more things that make you low, depressed, frustrated or bored.

The analogy I use with my clients might help you too.  Think of your emotions as knob on a radio.  Our feelings (or energetic vibrations) tune us in to certain channels.  We will receive whatever the station we tune into is putting out right?  A classical station is not going to have Pink Floyd on it and a hip hop station is not going to be playing meditation/spa music.

So if you want to get to the abundance, joy and wellness channel, you have to tune in right?  Feelings get you there.  Find a way or ways to FEEL those things and you’ll start listening to the best channels.

The ‘How’ will show up when you get into the right space and energy.  It always does.  Until you do however, you’ll keep finding yourself stuck, in the wrong opportunities and putting your energy towards things that are not really important to you.


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