Saying YES to Pleasure

Saying YES to Pleasure

Let’s check in shall we?  When life offers you pleasure – how often do you say yes?

And I’m talking about ALL kinds of pleasure – food, drink, sex, textures, dancing, music, new opportunities and – for me, even de-cluttering.

I mean sure, there will be times when you have to say no – the amazing wine you had last night is probably not going to be served in the board room the next morning, no matter how sweetly you ask.  (unless of course you’ve got a hella-cool boss and in that case – please invite me for a meeting anytime!)

See here’s the thing…we often either say ‘no’ to it, or say ‘maybe later’ and then rarely get around to it.

Oddly enough, what many of my clients (and friends for that matter) keep TELLING me is that theyenjoylife-be-yourself want to be happier, feel more fulfilled and enjoy their life more.

Can you spot the problem?

Hey listen, it’s not like I haven’t done it too so I’m really aware of how it works.

You ask, the Universe say ‘okay here you go – exactly what you wanted!’ and we say…’oh my god – I’m not ready!’ and run away.

Or something like that.

You feeling me?

It’s kind of crazy right?  And there are TONS of underlying beliefs, fears and ‘reasons’ (HA! reasons…right! *wink-wink)  The best part of course being when we tell ourselves that the Universe isn’t listening or just doesn’t like us or some crap like that.

The fact is…most of the time we are getting in our OWN way.

How about you stop worrying about IF your deserving of it? The freaking Universe (or Source or God or however you call the Divine) thinks you do!  You gonna call out the Universe??  I mean, c’mon! (And if you are, please let me know so I can get the popcorn ready…cosmic 2X4’s are always so entertaining – and yes that WAS dripping with sarcasm)

So here’s what I want you to do for me okay?  STOP saying no to the pleasures that are offered to you.  The ones that sit within your values structure, the ones that hurt no one, accept them as the gifts they are.

In your own life, you can be a goddess you revels in the pleasures that are already surrounding you. Pleasure is to be found for all of your senses.  Touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing and of course for your spirit.

Wear that gorgeous sweater made of the softest material you’ve ever felt.  You know, the one you’ve been saving for a ‘special’ occasion.  Wear it, stroke it and enjoy the feeling of it against your skin.

Have dinner with candles, place settings and really enjoy the delicious food you are eating.  Forget about the TV (trust me it will still be there when you’re done), you don’t need to entertain your mind – let what you are eating do that.

Have breakfast on your ‘good’ china and drink your orange juice from a wine glass (I totally Do this and it’s Awesome!)

Play some gorgeous, zen music while you work, or make your dinner.  Fire up the rockin’ music when you have to clean the house!  (What?  You’ve never vacuum-danced? You are missing out my friend!)

Put your favorite flowers on your desk AND take a moment to really SEE them, the colors of the petals against the green of the leaves.  Drink of the scent and be really present in knowing it.  Thank it for cleaning the air, delivering oxygen and beauty to your space.

So often we brush past the pleasures we already HAVE, or we save them for later.  Instead, I invite you to mindfully be with the pleasure life is offering you all the time and accept it as the gift it is.

So tell me, where is the pleasure you asked for hiding in plain sight? Isn’t it time YOU started saying YES to pleasure?

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